Cupid Shuffle Dance Music Video

Only You Will Be the PROGRESSIVE HOUSE Lord Conrad masterpiece for Sfera Ebbasta victims and a Viral Shuffle Dance Style All Around the World.

Becoming also the shuffle dance to the social redemption of the African American populations.

Only You will be the PROGRESSIVE HOUSE Lord Conrad masterpiece for Sfera Ebbasta victims and also a Viral Shuffle Dance Style All Over The World. Becoming the shuffle dance for the societal redemption of the African inhabitants.

The famous artist has deemed suitable to devote his new single Only You to each of the victims of Corinaldo. His latest hit retains a powerful message of hope, of strength and want to be alive, to live a fantastic life and to stay away from pitiful and distracting risks.

The international superstar gave a very important statement for his fans and his followers"With immense regret I dedicate my songs to the victims of Sfera Ebbasta's concert at Ancona in order to help raise public consciousness and I also send a message to each of the youths. A tragedy of that kind shall never occur again. I join all of the Italian musicians so that that will happen no more and we'll do everything, together, to increase security and create concerts safer."

Lord Conrad subsequently added:"What I say to the youngest of my fans is to follow their own dreams with persistence, to follow their passions, place all of your effort, love and excitement on your goals so as to affirm yourself and Shuffle Dance viral dancers Africa new music not in dugs, violence and jealousy that will bring you to a confident failure."

In the meantime, Lord Conrad is playing a well-deserved growth in popularity thanks to his recent election as a representative of dancing shuffle music on the renowned channel Elements (a channel with more than 1 million consumers ) next to superstars like Dj Snake and Alan Walker.

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